Granny Flats Perth WA

Granny Flats Perth WA

5 Star Rated* (rated by our satisfied clients) Get the best granny flats in Perth by choosing only an HIA-accredited and 5-star rated builder! And with more than 30 years building experience, you won’t have to look anywhere else but here. In just as little as 2 to 3 weeks** you can have your own 6-Star energy efficiency compliant  that’s the best of the best in Perth. Our FIXED PRICE, OUT-OF-THE-GROUND GUARANTEE means you won’t have to spend an extra penny once we give you the initial quote before building begins. No added costs. No over-budget. No hidden charges. No bull***! Here’s more: Our LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY* simply seals the deal, making you a happy and satisfied homeowner with savings left in your pocket.


At last, you won’t have to lease  exclusively to your family members anymore. Australia’s newly relaxed building regulations now gives you the chance to increase your household income by leasing that extra space to anyone — students, newly married couples, young professionals — so the possibilities of making more money are endless. Discover more reasons to build that extra dwelling unit in your property:

  • rental income — high yields!
  • teenagers’ retreat
  • new families or newlyweds saving for the future
  • keeping parents close to the family unit
  • a nanny — or housekeeper
  • a perfect lock up and leave home for grey nomads
  • home office
  • man cave
  • and the possibilities go on and on and on.

Our company, Concept Steel Constructions has never been more in-demand following the approval of more relaxed building codes in Western Australia. Because you can now lease granny flats to anyone, customise one that will meet your tenants’ needs. More than ever, we are very excited to provide you excellent  designs that fit your lifestyle and preferences. We are ready to custom-build with whatever specifications and for whatever purpose you like. We do all the work for you. You get all the savings and great results!


  • No-Bull, Fixed-Price, Out-of-The-Ground Guarantee — that means nothing more to pay after the quoted price is finalized.
  • An in-house architect that directly talks to you about the design and any specifications you prefer.
  • A complete range of customization options, with the choice to build either double-bricks or the cheaper yet equally durable EPS panels. And our revolutionary new Metal Roof Tiles
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty!
  • Doing the entire job from drafting/council submission to building/handover (including earthworks, unlike some companies.
*Rated by our  past clients
**Two- to three-week building period starts after council approval.


NickGFBPHi everyone, My name is Nick Kay and I am in the Building Industry here in Perth, Western Australia. My company name is Concept Steel Constructions ( and we specialize in custom built, energy efficient granny flats, micro and kit homes here in Perth and surrounding suburbs. I hope you don’t mind me taking a bit of your time to share my story about why I’m in this business and how I can help you get a better home of your own the “no bullsh** way! That’s right! I’m sure that by the end of this letter you will not doubt that I am a “REAL” person and that I can give you the right advice and build your dream home with an “old school” attention to detail and remain within your budget. ‘No bulls@#*t!’ Is what I have heard so many times, “Thank you so much for making it all so easy and being so honest!” or “Wow! I can’t believe the quality at such an affordable price!” I have always loved making and fixing things (or pulling things apart to see how they tick…) my Grand Dad was a big influence when I was young and I loved spending time with him learning about tools and hardware. I was really keen to leave school after year 10 but my parents wouldn’t let me unless I had an apprenticeship or “something worthwhile” to go on with. I found school boring apart from Woodwork and Manual arts subjects and suffered the same comments on my report cards: “Has the ability to achieve anything he sets his mind to” and “Achieves results when he applies himself…” I knew I wanted to be a builder since I was 12. I left school halfway through year 11 (16yrs old) to do a Carpentry/Joinery pre-apprenticeship. Finally, I had a chance to learn something interesting. I finished second in my class and was offered apprenticeships by several companies. I completed my 4-year apprenticeship with the Group Training Scheme and did contracting for several commercial companies from working in Transportables at Ausco to becoming the Site Supervisor on commercial building sites for a small builder. I registered my company Concept Carpentry WA P/l and employed 2 people and myself, building transportable buildings for Ausco Transportables. I was 23 when we ran out of work and needed to find some work fast! The economy was slow and there wasn’t much work around. My parents owned a garden centre on Armadale Rd in Forrestdale. Armadale Rd was a busy street even back then… Then I had an idea to get us all some work– Build a steel gazebo out the front of the Nursery and see if anyone is interested in buying it… So that’s what we did. It worked amazingly well and lots of people ordered gazebos and patios! It wasn’t long before we were all busy and working flat out. I borrowed some money and set up 6 display patios most of which are still at our display today. Over the next years, my business grew quickly and we were getting a great reputation for quality work. I worked on the tools as a Carpenter for many years as well as doing Sales and managing the business. My company has been registered for over 15 years now and I have trained 3 Carpentry Apprentices so far (it’s good to give back to the system that trained me). We are a family owned and operated business and still operate from Forrestdale. I’ve always taken pride in my work and will only employ quality staff and tradesmen with the same values. I am passionate about building and really enjoy designing and building with modern energy efficient materials. Recently, I have found a way to save thousands of dollars on the cost of building without losing quality, I can now literally save you up to $20,000 on the cost  in Perth!! Come down to my display and see for yourself, I guarantee you will be amazed! So… That’s my story so far… And here is What to expect from us

Let Me Ask You this Question: Do You Still Want that House of Your Own? So take that first step NOW, come on, email me now or call me on the number listed at the top of the page or come and visit us at my display centre Thanks for taking the time to read my story… and SEE you soon. NICK KAY (Director CSC) PS: To show you that we are serious in building  the ‘no bulsh’ way, Granny Flats Builder in Perth provides all clients a Fixed Price Guarantee. Eager to know more about this and how this special offer will help you build finally that dream home? Click here now to contact us for more information about granny flats in Perth WA or email us at to know more.

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